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In addition to my job and the other things I like to do, I am extremely passionate about social justice and equality (or equity when necessary). Here I will be posting resources, current events/topics I think are super important, and less current but equally important events/topics.


Each section on this page has information about and resources regarding the specified topic. There is one box at the bottom with news about my music/photography/etc., but I am dedicating most of this space to important world issues.

Black Lives Matter. It shouldn't even have to be said; it should be obvious! But it needs to be said: BLACK LIVES MATTER!


The following are some excellent resources to learn about what is (and has been for years) going on.  

News Anchor

Be an ally to the LGBTQ+ Community every month, not just during Pride Month!

The following are great resources to keep up with LGBTQ+ news!

Thank you for voting #BidenHarris2020!!!! But our work is not done. If you live in Georgia, please vote in the Georgia Senate runoffs happening soon. 

But first, please educate yourself on the candidates. Your vote impacts people's livelihoods, safety, and comfort. Please remember this. With the great privilege of voting also comes great responsibility.  

On June 18th, the Supreme Court announced its decision to uphold DACA. This is a huge victory for Dreamers, who have known the US to be their home always.

Yemen is currently facing a pandemic, an epidemic, a war, and more. Learn about the crisis in Yemen by clicking the button below.

Just because things are opening up does not mean coronavirus is gone! Wear your masks, keep social distancing, stay safe!

The following are resources for coronavirus updates.

I was in a long-distance relationship for a year, so I was inspired to write a song about it called "Body Heat." Quarantine made it especially applicable.

  • August 2019: Wrote the song.

  • October 2019: Created the cover art.

  • December 2019: Met a super dope songwriter who gave me feedback on the song.

  • January 2020: Reworked/rewrote most of the song.

  • February/March 2020: Recorded the song.

  • April 2020: At the suggestion of my dad, I made the song a half-step lower.

  • May 2020: Re-recorded the song.

  • June-September 2020: Produced the song.

  • October 2020: Released! Check it out anywhere you get music.


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